Μη μαδάς τη μαργαρίτα

Margarita Tzimika and Margarita Tsioumaka first met in 1999 while studying Geology at Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki. They met once more after they decided to study Silversmithing and Jewellery Design in 2004 and have been sharing their love and fascination since. The two Margaritas love to design, make, wear their work and also share their greatest joy: to watch their jewellery on other people. In 2011 they decided not to ask “loves-me-loves-me-not” anymore and established ‘Mi madas ti Margarita’ (standing for ‘Don’t ask the daisie’) workshop, where they design and make silver and gold jewellery, also using precious and semi-precious stones and enamels. Working side by side, they agree and sometimes disagree, they envision their pieces, turn their designs into objects, complement each other and evolve. Through classic jewellery making techniques, they transform raw precious metals into modern pieces of jewellery to be used, worn and adored. Their biggest challenge is to combine craftsmanship and playful contemporary design while coming up with fresh new ideas. Constantly developing and exploring, they like to learn something new everyday. If there is one thing that Margarita and Margarita would like to express with their art is that beauty lies in simplicity.


Margarita Tzimika

Pencil, paper and tools are only the beginning.
The challenge of construction and the obsession with perfection lead to completion.
The jewellery for her, makes the daily change and brightens up the mood.


Margarita Tsioumaka

Reason to create : geometry, the insignificant details of things and coincidences.
Favorite way to work : the transformation and synthesis.
She believes that : there is no reason to wear boring jewellery.