Care instructions for jewelry

  2. Care instructions for jewelry

In order to keep our gold and silver jewelry in their initial good condition we have to follow some practices of correct use.
Jewelry as well as materials that can exist in them like pearls, fossil stones and enamel should not get in touch with cosmetics, anti-microbials, detergents or other chemicals that may alter their shine and color or facilitate their oxidization.
We avoid wearing jewelry when we are bathing or swimming, when we are sleeping or exercising or when practicing intense activities in order to protect them from sweat, soaps, salt, chlorine or from violent movements, scratches and hits.

How to store, take care and clean jewelry

Ideally, when we don’t wear our jewelry we should store them in their initial packaging, in storing boxes or in soft pouches in such a way that they don’t entangle or heat one another and are protected from dust and surface oxidization that is caused by contact with the air. We avoid storing silver or gold jewelry together with faux and in metal tins or surfaces.
In order to refresh our jewelry easily at home we can very gently rub them with cooking soda and a few drops of water and then rinse them thoroughly so all the soda stains are removed and dry them.
In case your jewelry is plated, has stones, enamel, distinctive consistency or/ and other materials except for silver and gold, please contact us for more instructions.

Repair and plating

Please contact us in case you need to renew plating, repair or refresh jewelry that you have bought from Mi madas ti margarita.